Bentley unveils a range of enhancements for its Bentayga luxury SUV, the Bentayga, that will be available with an expanded range of exterior customization options, new cabin features, and enhanced safety systems.

One of the more significant additions is the all-wheel steering system, improving handling and maneuverability while reducing the turning circle. It is now standard on the Bentayga Azure and S models and optional on other models. However, we are probably most impressed by the Airline Seat Specification, previously available only on the long wheelbase model and known for its postural adjustments and automatic seat climate control. The system, which measures the passenger’s temperature and surface humidity every 25 milliseconds and adjusts the heat, ventilation, or both simultaneously, will be available on all Bentayga variants from now on.

The British SUV also receives a boost in driver assistance features, with Intelligent Park Assist, 3D Surround View, and Emergency Assist joining the lineup. The driver’s instrument panel now offers three new dial styles, and real-time road visualization and assistance feature status updates are displayed.

There are new cabin carpets that are 100 percent recycled nylon that match the quality of the previously available carpets. Additionally, Bentley introduces Bang & Olufsen for Bentley audio system with higher quality sound and illuminated speaker grilles.

Connectivity receives an upgrade with remote park assist, enabling remote engine operation and vehicle maneuvering via a smartphone within 11.5 feet. Cabin comfort is further improved with an advanced air conditioning system that monitors and adjusts air quality. It anticipates higher pollution in tunnels and switches to recirculation mode accordingly.