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Air France

Air France Says Good-Bye to Plastic

It’s the end of the road for plastic cutlery, cups, stirrers etc. For this year’s World Environment Day, passengers on flight AF378 from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Detroit were offered products made of bio-based materials instead of single-use plastic items usually distributed on board, in keeping with airline rules and health regulations. Air France today announced its decision to eliminate 1,300 tons of single-use plastic. In this way, Air France will eliminate 210 million single-use plastic items by the end…

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Plastic-free Oceans Start with a Plastic-free Office

It all started with a conversation at our women’s network in Dubai on October 30th 2018. During my last visit to the Middle East, over sandwiches and an animated debate, the conversation moved from career impact to the impact we have beyond our professional lives, on our communities and environment. Inevitably, our glances shifted to the many water bottles in the room – all of them plastic. An idea was born to do something about it! Many of us have…

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